With its eye-catching beauty and strength, granite has always emerged as the number one choice of homeowners, architects, builders and interior designers.

No matter where in the world you go, granite is found almost everywhere. Some countries produce it, others import it. In short, everywhere granite is being used and being a responsible homeowner you can’t be unaware of its details. Questions like is Granite Tiles in Adelaide a good flooring option, how granite is made, how does it look. All these questions need answers. In this blog, we shall answer these questions with reliable sources. Hold on and read till the end:

What is Granite Tiles?

Let us start with the very fundamental question- what is granite?

Granite is formed through forces of nature. It is the result of the solidification of molten lava that erupts from the volcano and it is classified as igneous rock. Of course, the process is slow and it takes a good deal of time for the lava to solidify. The solidified lava cannot be used in flooring directly. It has to be put through different processes and what we see in houses and buildings is the finished products. The process is tedious and requires a lot of time and immensely hard work. So, the next time when you see Granite Tiles in Adelaide, remember it looked like something else in its natural state.

The granite after being treated at workshops is given many forms. There are different kinds of finish given. Some of these are honed, matte, and shiny and brushed.

Granite TilesIs It Good For Floors?

Now let us talk about granite flooring. Granite floors look expensive, beautiful and add a class that captures attention and works like magic at first sight.

Here are a few features/information related to granite floors:

An important feature of granite is that it is weighty. This makes it a little difficult to work with and process. It requires time, expertise and heavy machinery to process. At the time of installation on floors, professional help is required. Also, its installation may take some time, especially when the carpet area is bigger. Granite Tiles in Adelaide may take some time but it is going to turn out amazing.

Another vital feature of Granite Tiles is that it is not so porous. Compared to granite, marble is quite porous. This feature of being moderately porous makes sealing unimportant for granite floors.

Also, when compared to marble it is better in stain resistance and is harder than that. This does not mean marble is not a good natural stone. It is great in its respect. But for this blog, we shall see granite and its major benefits rather than marble.

Does Granite Floor Look Beautiful?

Well, let us tell you, for sure, it looks great. When you have granite floors installed, it is going to look great! People are going to ask about it and you will see how beautiful your home looks once the work is over. Cleaning becomes easy, little maintenance is required and your home will never be old because you have done a smart investment by choosing to go ‘A’ quality in flooring. Granite Tiles in Adelaide will transform your home and you will love it.

The patterns in granite tiles are interesting. They offer different looks and you can choose from a plethora of options in showroom or online. You can choose different grain patterns and shades. If you are running out of ideas then you may take professional help. Many professional websites offer free of cost interior decoration ideas. You may speak to an expert online or hire a professional to visit your site and provide valuable suggestions.

However, so many homeowners like to have a personal intimate approach to home décor and choose everything on their own. You are the boss so you decide what makes you happy. In the same way, you can have your opinion about Granite Tiles in Adelaide or take professional help.

Granite floorings offer a high lustre finish. Alternatively, you may go for a muted and rustic look. Both have their charm. What is your personal favourite?

If you are a minimalist, granite floors are great. If you like loudness and gaudiness at home then also granite will help you add that shine.

Granite floors have a high sale. The look it provides is an important reason for its high sale. Of course, we cannot forget how strong and durable it is. Once you get granite tiles installed you are done for generations to come. Unless you like to change your interior often, there shall be no need to change the floor.

Where else are Granites used?

Just for some extra knowledge, let us inform you that floorings are not the only area where granites are used. Granite Tiles in Adelaide of course is an important production of granite but there are a few other areas where granite plays a vital role:

Gravestones, temples, shrines

These three are major areas where granite is extensively used. These places are meant to last for a long time. Since granite is directly extracted from nature, it has the strength to beat time. It stands strong unless there is a natural disaster.

Patios and Pathways

Granite slabs have a massive demand when it comes to patios and pathways. Large houses have outdoor spaces that need adequate flooring. This could be areas around the pool, along with the patio, in the backyard and so on. Granite tiles are superb to add strength to these floors.

Bathroom & Kitchen

Bathrooms and kitchens have stone installations. When we talk about Stone Tiles in Adelaide, granite tiles are the best of them all. So, go for Granite Tiles in Adelaide and experience the exotic change in flooring.

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