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The use of marble in building and construction activities is not new. This started way back in history and is continuing with no signs of it going out of fashion. Marble is rising in demand and more and more homeowners are expressing their willingness to go for marbles. However, in the market, in place of marble slabs, we have also had marble tiles. How is Marble Slab in Adelaide different from marble tiles or just tiles? In this blog, we shall find out the basic difference between the two. Along with that we shall talk more about Marble slabs and see if it’s worth your hard-earned money. So, let us begin:

Process of Formation

Marble tiles and marble slabs are made in two different ways. The former is made by firing up silicates or clay under high temperatures. Marble slabs originally are made from the crystallization of limestone. In this process what happens is that calcium carbonates are transformed into calcite crystals. From this, we can easily draw how differently both are formed. One is naturally made through the force of nature and the other is done by man (tiles). It is still quite early to decide between Marble Slab in Adelaide and marble tiles. Let us discuss a few more points.

Stain Resistance

When we say stain resistance, which one of the two options do you think has this quality? Let us not keep you guessing. Marble tiles it is! What did you think? A lot of customers think marble is stain resistant. Marbles do not catch stains easily and are quite good at staying clean with a little care. However, it cannot be compared to marble tiles as tiles are superbly resistant to stains. One wipe and you get the shiny sparkly floor ready! So, if you like an easy cleaning routine with not much effort being put behind removing stains then go for tiles.

Friendly on Pocket

Both marbles slabs and marble tiles come for a price but marbles are way more expensive than tiles. So, if the price is the prime parameter for you then we recommend you to go for tiles. Marble Slab in Adelaide could be a little out of budget if you have not had long term planning for renovation and haven’t saved up accordingly. But some so many homeowners like to go for marble even it means paying a little more.

So, why is that? This is simply because marbles offer an appeal to homes that is incomparable and people like to invest in things that add aesthetic value to homes. After all, home is where the heart is! Tiles offer a natural look whereas marble slabs are actually natural and are sourced from nature. Of course, it goes through an elaborate process before it is finally used in the home- on floors, kitchens and walls.

Marble SlabWhich is more Porous?

When making a selection between Marble Slab in Adelaide and tiles, it is important we consider the porosity of both. Marble is natural and has a crystalline texture. This cannot be changed because this porosity is acquired by natural processes. In tiles, the texture is manipulated and is made so fine that there is hardly any porosity. If you are thinking to renovate your kitchen and bathroom areas then go for tiles rather than marble. This is because kitchen and bathrooms are areas where water is used a lot. Having a non-porous surface in these areas will be advantageous as it will not absorb the moisture. Marble Slabs are great for living rooms and bedrooms and also stairways.

Consistency in Pattern

If you are a fan of consistency in your flooring then let us tell you that marble slabs in Adelaide will not be able to give you that. In the natural category better inconsistency is Granite Tiles Adelaide. On the other hand, tiles are patterned by human beings. Hence, there is not much variation that one can spot from tile to tile.


If you are a fan of marble and live an eco-friendly life then you may have a tough time making a decision here. This is because marble is a non-renewable resource of nature and it cannot be replenished unless before a thousand-year passes by. On the other hand, tiles are man-made. Technology is advanced enough to recycle it and can be made artificially made. So, what’s your take on this? Tiles or Marble?


And the very last difference between the two is price. Without any doubt, marble is more expensive than tiles. The sole reason for this is that marble is extracted from nature and it takes time, energy and heavy and expensive machinery to do so. This naturally brings up the price of the finished product which is marble slabs in Adelaide. Tiles also are tedious to make but are relatively easier to produce than marbles.

We just went through a lot of differences between tiles and marbles and I am sure that you are now well aware of the basic differences between the two. So, on what side do you stand? Are you a marble person or would you rather choose tiles? Or, are you neutral about it? If budget is your main concern then we suggest you go for tiles because it is budget-friendly. For marble, you will have to spend a good sum. However, if you cannot imagine your floors in anything but marble because you are a fan of natural beauty and timeless finish then marble is for you!

This is it. We have to take your leave now. We wish you all the best for your upcoming home renovation. If you are moving into a new home or getting an office done, we hope you reap the best out of all. Stay safe and take care of your loved ones. For any other queries on marble or granite or any other natural stone, feel free to contact SA Marble & Granite.

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