There are different types of Paving Stone in Adelaide. If you are thinking to add some pavers to your home, you must be aware of the different types of pavers out there in the market.

Paving Stone: Read till the end and you will see how your views on pavers change.

We are here to offer you the most authentic, evidence-based, and well–researched information on pavers and the different varieties of pavers you can opt for. Also, you will get to know if pavers are a good idea.

Pavers or paving stones usually come in brick, concrete, and natural stone. All three are suitable depending on the requirement of the homeowners.

Depending on the kind of driveway, patio, or garden one has, the Paving Stone in Adelaide can be chosen. Also, the budget will play a vital role in the decision-making.

To find out which is the best fit for you, go through this blog and you will emerge from it wiser.

Natural Stone Pavers- To add a hint of elegance and strength

Natural Stone pavers are more expensive than brick pavers and concrete pavers. A simple reason for this is that natural stones are scarce. It is a natural resource that is to be quarried. It cannot be produced in manufacturing units. It can only be processed in a manufacturing unit or a processing unit.

There are different types of natural stone pavers. Some of the common ones that you can find in Adelaide are

• Sandstone
• Flagstone
• Bluestone
• Limestone
• Travertine

One can get Limestone pavers as Paving Stone in Adelaide. This paving stone is useful for paving edges.

There is an equally great demand for Travertine pavers as they do not need much cleaning and retain the natural hue without much discoloration.

In the case of places with a high footfall then natural stone pavers may not be a good idea as these tend to break under pressure.

A great advantage of having natural stones is that they have a high absorbent property. This adds an anti-slip advantage to them. Because of this it is used in many places, especially used around the pool area.

Paving Stone Brick Pavers- Are these bricks, for real?

Brick pavers are not bricks. It is an amalgamation of clay and other miscellaneous substance. These are mixed well and then dyed to look like bricks.

In terms of colors, there is no huge variation. However, different brick dyes can lend a beautiful earthly look.

This has gained huge popularity as Paving Stone in Adelaide because it is stain-resistance.

In garden areas, this is widely used. It can also be used to create permeable grounds. With a little gap between each paving block, you can ensure water seepage.

It may fade sooner. However, getting a high-quality sealing done will delay fading and you will have fresh-looking in for a long.

Now, let us move ahead and check out the last paver- concrete pavers.

Concrete pavers- are they as strong as the other two?

It is made with molded concrete and mixed with aggregate.

An added advantage with this type of Paving Stone in Adelaide is that there is a variety available, both in styles and colors.

An interesting thing to note here is that sometimes concrete pavers can be dyed and made to look like brick pavers.

With the concrete ones, sealing must be done well on time. If this is not taken care of, early discoloration will set in.

So, this was all about the three different kinds of pavers.

Which one would you like to go for?

Is it natural stone pavers or concrete?

Or, is your heart stuck on brick pavers?

Natural stone pavers may be a bit expensive but have a lot of positive views from homeowners and stone paver experts.

Are Paving Stones for Large Homes Only?

Usually, people assume that Paving Stone in Adelaide is well-suited only for large homes with a driveway, backyard, and garage.

Pavers can be used in homes of all shapes and sizes. No matter if you have a large beautiful home or a small cute one, pavers will be useful to you. It depends on you how you want to have pavers installed or where you want to have them installed.

If you have a pool, a travertine paving stone is a suitable option. If you have a huge garden, you can have a part of it paved with sandstone. You can use concrete and brick pavers for the driveway.

Adding pavers in the garden area elevates the aesthetic appeal.

There is a huge demand for Paving Stone in Adelaide. You too can get the work done. All you need is a little guidance and good professionals for the best results. If you have any queries related to this, feel free to send an email to

Maintaining Paving Stones- a simple guide

Once the work is done, you must take care of the paving stones. This will help in keeping them new, fresh, and crack-free.

Here is a simple cleaning routine that you can follow:

Pressure wash is the most effective way to keep the outdoor clean and this includes the paved grounds.

Sealing forms a protective layer on pavers. It keeps it new for a long. However, after a while, the sealant may wither away and become ineffective. Paving Stone in Adelaide needs paving after two to three years.

If you have brick pavers, unless it gets greasy and oily, the sealant is not an urgent requirement. If you have regular barbecue parties there, getting it sealed is a wise step.

This was all from our end. Hope you have understood a good deal about pavers.

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