There was a time when people were getting rid of tile countertops because of the thick grout lines and unattractive surfaces. However, the major comeback of tile countertops in the form of Porcelain Slabs in Adelaide has completely changed the scenario.

This game-changer product has a long list of benefits to offer. In this blog, we shall go through all of these.

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6 Benefits of Porcelain Slabs

Natural Look

There is a global obsession among homeowners about natural stones. A natural look in kitchens and bathroom is in high demand.

Do you also love to have a natural look at the home?

Well, going for granite and marble are not the only options here. There is one great alternative. It is Porcelain Slabs in Adelaide.


Kitchen and bathroom countertops have to deal with spills, stains, and moisture. If the surface is porous, it will absorb all of that and start to look old and tarnished sooner. Porcelain slabs are non-porous. This means that spills, stains, and moisture will not percolate deep.

A simple clean-up is what it needs to shine.

Heat & Frost Tolerant

Natural stones like granite and engineered stone like quartz are heat resistant. That’s good news! However, porcelains are not just heat resistant but also frost resistant.

Would you not prefer this over others?

Or, do you want to stick to the classics like granite benchtops in Adelaide and marble countertops?

Outdoor Installation

An interesting point to note here is that porcelain slabs in Adelaide or anywhere in the world are suitable to be installed outside as well. If you are looking for a surface installation that is not limited to kitchens and bathrooms then this is something you may want to go for. However, make sure you hire the right professional if you have come out with a box idea as most stonemasons specialize in kitchens, bathrooms, and fire hearths.

Porcelain Slabs

Low Maintenance

We have no time to have high-maintenance products at home. Yet, there are some that we have got to deal with. For example, your car! But why not eliminate that fuss when it comes to benchtops and bathroom installations?

Yes, you can surely do that as porcelain slabs in Adelaide are low maintenance.

UV Resistance

In case you have sunlight filtering through your kitchen and bathroom area, you may be worried about UV damage. Porcelain slabs are resistant to UV damage. This is why they are so commonly installed outdoors as well.

These were the top benefits of porcelain slabs.

But the blog doesn’t end here. SA Marble & Granite is an honest company. It does not only highlight the benefits but the disadvantages as well so that customers can make wise decisions on porcelain slabs in Adelaide. After all happy customers are more precious than mere profits.

Challenges of Porcelain Slabs in Adelaide

Here are some of the challenges that you may have to consider when it comes to porcelain slabs:

Porcelain slabs have a long and difficult fabrication process. Due to this, the cost is higher. If you have a budget for quartz, you can go up to porcelain with more planned savings. The difference in cost between quartz and porcelains is not dramatically huge.

Locally, there is no mass-scale fabrication of porcelains. It is rare expertise and not all can have the manufacturing units and the right fabrication skill for this. This again contributes to the high cost of porcelain slabs in Adelaide.

The fabrication process has to be done by a skilled stone fabricator. Porcelains are very strong but during the process, they are delicate and need careful handling. Since the fabricators are highly skilled, they are rare to be found, compared to that marble and granite.

Apart from these, there is no problem with porcelain or porcelain sheets as far as quality is concerned. You can go ahead with it. So many homeowners in Australia and abroad have gone for it and have given positive feedback.

Moving further, let us go through some more interesting stuff regarding porcelain slabs in Adelaide.

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Using Porcelain Slabs Creatively

While natural stones like quartz and marble have a small range of applications, porcelains slabs can be creatively used in several ways in and around the home.

• An interesting way of using porcelain is having an integral sink on the benchtop. Instead of having a sink fitted externally, skilled stonemasons are installing porcelain sinks on porcelain benchtops. This gives a sleek and seamless finish.

• There are instances of skilled stonemasons successfully incorporating integrated induction burners into the porcelain slabs countertops. This looks so great that once you start cooking this way, no way you would want to go back to the traditional methods.

• A lot of TV chefs are using this kind of kitchen and making the best use of porcelain slabs in Adelaide. The only problem is technical intricacies. You need highly skilled kitchen experts. You may also need a team of multiple experts if it is a huge project.

• If you decide to go for this one, make sure you get hold of the right expert and save up in advance so that you can have your dream kitchen with induction burners.

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