Stone cladding in Adelaide is a popular architectural feature that adds value to your space. It involves attaching thin layers of natural or manufactured stone to the exterior or interior of a building to provide a decorative and protective finish. Stone makes your house more appealing and well-designed.

When you add stone cladding to your house you make your space more striking and beautiful. If you want to make your house look classy with a modern touch you must do stone cladding it. Stone can be done in the form of featured walls, fireplaces, and pool sides. In this blog post, we are going to discuss reasons to add stone cladding in Adelaide.

Reasons you must choose stone cladding in Adelaide

Before you get to know about stone cladding materials you must know about the benefits you get from it. In this section, we are going to discover some major reasons behind choosing stone for your space-


The best part of stone cladding is that it gives a natural touch to your space. You can transform the look of your house by adding exceptional designs in your interior as well as exterior corners of the house. For instance, if you add stone for featured walls in the sitting room it enhances the entire space and makes it appealing for your guests.


Stone cladding is highly durable because of its strong surface. It stays damage free for years. You can keep the stone cladding in the same condition even in changing weather patterns. The material used for stone is a strong and resistant natural stone. you can rely on the material for a long period.


If you construct your house with stone cladding in Adelaide you get a good insulating material. Stones are insulators of heat and cold so it stays damaged free because of that. A good insulating material is suitable in the kitchen also so you can add stone to design your kitchen.

stone cladding

Less maintenance

Another reason you should add stone to your house is that it does not require much maintenance. You do not need to paint it frequently or renovate it. Unlike some other cladding materials, stone does not rot, warp, or require painting. It saves your money, effort and time at the same time. You can enjoy a long time with your living spaces without any major changes.

Designs and styling

Stone cladding is not just a protective layer for your house but it also adds stylish designs and patterns to decorate your interior and exterior spaces. If you want to upgrade your lifestyle with creatively designed materials then stone cladding is the one for you. Stone offers you both traditional and modern designs.

Types of stone cladding you must choose

Some popular types of stone used for cladding in Adelaide include sandstone, limestone, and granite. These materials can be used for both exterior and interior cladding and can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the design of the building. In this section, we are discussing different stone cladding you can use for your space.

Natural stone veneer: This type of cladding is made from thin slices of natural stone that are attached to a substrate. This type of stone is inspired by ancient stone structures and gives a completely natural look to the house.

Cast stone cladding: This type of cladding is made by pouring a mixture of cement, aggregate, and pigments into molds to create stone-like pieces. This helps in upgrading the look of the natural stone and compliments perfectly with the design of the house

Stone panels: This type of cladding is made from large, pre-fabricated panels of natural stone that are attached to a building’s exterior. It looks elegant and gives a traditional touch to the house. It also acts as a protective layer for the house from heat, water, and pressure.

Custom cladding: If you want a customized design for your walls you can go for custom cladding. You can share the design you want with stone clads and a designer makes the structure for you. You must choose a good contractor who is experienced in the cladding.

Despite the options you have with stone cladding you must know stone can be more expensive than other cladding options and is heavy, which may require additional structural support. So you should choose a contractor who gives you quality service which makes your stone cladding cost-effective.

Steps to follow while adding stone cladding in Adelaide

When you do stone cladding in Adelaide you must know the after-effects or techniques to make it durable and successful for a long time. Follow these steps to ensure that you get the best stone cladding without damaging any structure.

• Planning a layout that gives you a glimpse of the stone cladding you are going to add to your house

• Look for some designs and then make a choice suitable four interiors or exteriors

• Compare prices and quality of the materials at the time of choosing so that you get the best deal

• Clean and dry the base before you start installing the stone clads on it.

These steps are important to get desired results from the stone cladding.

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