Stone Tiles:

Are you about to build your dream home? We know what a journey this must have been for you. No wonder you want everything perfect. Is adding a natural touch a key point when it comes to interiors? People are using Stone Tiles in Adelaide to make their homes feel connected to nature. Alternatively, you may choose to go for timber floorings as well. But there is something about stone floorings that has made it so widely used and loved by homeowners.

Whether it is Granite Tiles in Adelaide or marble, people are extensively going for natural stones.

5 reasons why natural stones are gaining popularity

Strong and Durable

Natural stones are sourced from nature. Hence, we cannot doubt its strength and durability. Once natural stones are quarried they go through a long process after which the finished product is obtained. This process adds an extra layer of toughness to it. If you go for stone flooring, it is going to stay for as long as you want. Unless you decide to change the floors for a new look, there will be absolutely no need for further investment. This is one major reason for the emerging demand and business of Stone Tiles in Adelaide

Enhance the Resell Value of Property

If ever in life you decide to sell off your property for something better you would want to have a good resell price. To ensure this, you have to keep the property in good shape and invest in things that will bring up its resell value. This is important not just for resell value but also for ensuring your comfortable stay while you are there in that house. Now, one such investment is the flooring in natural stone. This is going to be your biggest selling point when you organize an open house. Stone Tiles in Adelaide will fetch you a good price.

Natural Beauty

If we are talking about natural stones, how can they not add a natural beauty! You are going to love your home for this. Adding natural stone on the floor will add durability and make your home look spacious, clean, well-finished and classy.


Often timber is believed to be adding warmth to homes. However, home experts are inclined in favour of natural stones when it comes to adding warmth to homes. Natural stones will transform your home and you will love it, for sure. Add some warmth in your home sweet home with Stone Tiles in Adelaide

Stone Tiles AdelaideEasy to Maintain Hygiene

A sanitized and hygienic home is the key to a healthy family. Pandemic has made sanitization vital to good health and even survival. Staying home has made sanitization very important. Stone tiles are easy to maintain and have a super smooth surface that makes cleaning an easy task. Dust doesn’t stick to stone tiles. One swipe and you are getting a shiny surface. Stone Tiles in Adelaide is easy to maintain and marbles top that list.

There are two major types of flooring options within the category of natural stone. Let us check out those options and see which one would suit you best:

Would you like to go for Marble Flooring? Read this first!

When you are looking for flooring tiles, marble is going to be the most common option. It is common but not ordinary. It is a great flooring option and has the power to change your home décor. Marble has high resilience. It is also available in several patterns and colours. It is also safe and quite durable. It is resistant to dust. Thus, keeping it clean is quite easy. The reason why marble is so dense and hard is immense pressure and heat when it is underground, in the process of natural formation. The Stone Tiles in Adelaide that you see in showrooms and online is Nature’s long and hard work.

Here are a few reasons why as a homeowner you could consider going for marble:

• It provides decent insulation. In summers, marble floorings are cool and in winter they are warmer.

• If you do not like simple and drab renovations then marble is something you can go for. It is best when it comes to colours, variations, patterns and textures.

• The money you spend on marble flooring is going to be worth the spending. This is because the final product is going to take your heart away-and your home sweet home would be nothing less than a dream. Well, Stone Tiles in Adelaide is not the only thing you would need. The other two things are positivity and a lot of love to make your home a loved place by all.

How about Granite? Will it be worthwhile?

Now let us talk about granite. Many sellers would pitch you granite more than marble. A lot of homeowners also give preference to granite to marble. Both are naturally sourced and are of high quality. Both are commendable in strength and finish. Stone Fabricators in Adelaide is likely to suggest you one out of two or sometimes both.

Now that you know a bit about marble, let us find out a few things about granite as well. Natural grains add a deep texture to the stone slabs. When you install granite slabs, it looks great because of their texture. Needless to say, the strength it offers is also great.

• If your floor is going to be used a lot and may have heavy loads then granite is the right flooring option for you.

• It is a long term investment. Once you get Granite Tiles Adelaide installed, you are good to go for the long run.

• It is a great way of adding class and a wealthy look to homes. This is going to add aesthetic value. At the same, it will fetch you a good price when you decide to resell your property. Stone Tiles in Adelaide can change so much for you.

So, what are your plans for renovation and floorings? Any query, drop it to SA Marble &Granite.

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